How to change default apps on Android

How to change default apps on Android

Have you clicked on a link on Facebook lite App and the link automatically opens in Google Chrome while you want it to be in Opera mini? Maybe it opened in Firefox while you prefer Phoenix and vice versa. Today, we will show you How to change default apps on Android.

Following the aim of this article to give you proper information about How to change default apps on Android. You should be able to set the default App for every operation on your Android device after reading this piece.

Default Apps

While using your device, certain Apps take control or charge of certain operations. Google Chrome always happens to be the default browser for Android devices. This means, it’s in charge of opening any links Clicked on from different sources (Not from other browsers).

For the purpose of Document which may be PDF, DOC or any other format, the WPS, Word or even the Phoenix Browser are good to go with these. However, you can choose which one of these you want to be responsible for opening Documents automatically.

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How to find the default apps in Android

Changing the default apps in Android first of all starts with; you knowing which among your installed Apps are the default ones.

For many Android phones especially those with Android version 8 above, it’s very easy. Of course you simply go to your device settings>Apps and Notifications then scroll down to click on ‘Default Apps’. It’s that easy, all the default apps in Android for various operations are displayed.

How to change default apps in Android

After knowing which Apps are the default, it’s easier for you to know which changes to make. You can replace a current default Application with whichever one that’s also good for the task.

To make the changes, Navigate to your devices settings>Apps and notifications>Default Apps. Then click on the function you wish to choose a default App for. All your installed Applications which are good for the function will be displayed, click on the one of your choice i.e WPS Office. Simply, the chosen one becomes your default App.

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