How to secure your Android Hotspot with a password

Securing your Android hotspot with a password is one of the best things you can do to your available data. However, the process of doing this is not known by everyone as the number of free/unsecured hotspots is still high.

In this article, you will know the importance of securing your Hotspot as well as the steps needed to do so. At the end of this piece of literature, you should be able to take all necessary steps to protect your internet with little or no aid at all.

A bunch of young people are sitting under a tree and one of them screams “Free meal” and this calls for celebration. Guess what; they just saw a free/unsecured hotspot. Someone might be wondering about the terms used in this article so far, to make this more comprehensive, let’s explain terms.

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What is a secured hotspot?

This type of hotspot is locked just as we normally do to our devices or internet accounts. Accessing such Hotspot requires a password every single time, this makes it hard for a stranger to use your internet without permission since he needs to provide your password (which you know alone) before being granted access.

What is an unsecured hotspot?

Well, this is the direct opposite of a secured internet. Here, all that is needed is for your Hotspot to be ‘ON’ Bang! Anyone can connect without your permission. Your internet connection will be shared, such party can use your data to download large files, making your connection very slow (Most times) and your internet session becomes a mess.

How can I secure my hotspot

You will want to follow the steps below carefully so as to lock your Android devices hotspot to prevent unauthorized connections.

  • Go to your devices settings
  • Click on “Network and internet”
  • Select “Hotspot and tethering”
  • Select “WiFi Hotspot” then click “Set up WiFi Hotspot”
  • Under security, change from “None” to whichever one is available i.e WPA2 PSK
  • Insert your desired password In the provided space then click “SAVE”

Krap! It’s all locked up, your inserted password will always be required before anyone connects to your open Hotspot.

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