How to watch Euro 2020 matches in 4K on BBC iPlayer

How to watch Euro 2020 matches in 4K on BBC iPlayer

How to watch Euro 2020 matches in 4K on BBC iPlayer

Good news for lovers of the game of football as they can watch Euro 2020 matches in 4K on BBC iPlayer. It’s quite simple to do this.

If your internet is fast enough and you’re up with a compatible TV or streamer, you can watch some of the matches in the ongoing competition in 4K Ultra HD video quality.

The Euro 2020 Championship tournament has kicked off. And some countries are already out of the competition, and you can watch chosen games in 4K Ultra HD quality in the via the BBC iPlayer.

Here’s which matches have been selected and what hardware and software you’ll be needing to see those crisp blades of grass on the field.

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Are Euro 2020 games broadcast in 4K?

It’s quite a shame that neither the BBC (nor ITV) are broadcasting in native 4K despite some years of trials. However, you can still watch the competition in Ultra HD (another way of saying 4K) much gratitudes to the BBC iPlayer app.

Before you commence, check your wired or wireless internet speed to make sure it’s at least 24Mbps for the full 3840p or 12Mbps for 2560p.

For best results, you’ll be needing an HDR TV that supports HLG. Look at your TV specs to see if it’s supported.

Also being important, a compatible device will be needed to watch UHD streams on iPlayer.

Once iPlayer is opened on a compatible device, Go ahead to make sure the video quality is set to ‘Best Quality’, this can be done in the settings menu.

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