How to connect your laptop to a phone and use its internet

Your Broadband is not working anymore? Your USB ports have an issue and you can’t connect your Broadband to use the internet? It’s not the end of the world. We will teach you
How to connect your laptop to a phone and use its internet.

There’s no need to panic if you can’t use your Broadband for internet on your laptop, all you need to move on is your very mobile phone (A Smart phone.

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When your Mobile comes for a rescue

Your normal source of internet (aside from mobile) for a laptop is not always a guarantee, it can fail you anytime for different reasons. However, you Smartphone can back you up in any case and it does it charmingly.

Your phone can offer internet connection to your laptop through “Hotspot”. This process is known as “Tethering” and it works just fine so far. Good part of this is; it doesn’t require you taking out your SIM from the Mobile device (Unlike the mobile Wi-Fi router).

Below, you will see how you can save yourself by using your phone’s internet for your PC.

How to connect your laptop to a phone for internet connection

On your Android device, navigate to your device settings. With some devices, you can see “Settings” by sliding down the screen.

  • Click on “Network and internet” then go ahead and select “Hotspot & tethering”
  • Click on “WiFi Hotspot” and turn it ‘ON’

Your mobile’s internet will become available for any nearby device which searches for it (including your laptop). If you have not secured your Hotspot (Not advisable) it will connect automatically. A password will be required before connection if you’ve secured your mobile Hotspot.

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